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Solving Cyber Security Problems with People.

Staffing, Penetration Testing & Cyber Security Consulting
cybersecurity consulting, cyber security, staffing, ethical hacking, penetration testing

Get The Most of Your Cyber Security Investments.

The number one reason companies FAIL in their security is the COST associated. Many invest MILLIONS into systems and software that aren't protecting them from malicious HACKERS. Many others need help staffing with the right Cyber Security people. Discover your vulnerabilities for FREE then you can decide how best to protect your business.

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  • cybersecurity, cyber security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, staffing, cybersecurity, azorian

    The Right Cyber Security Staff in One Place

    Cyber Security staffing is one of the hardest parts of a Cyber Security program to get right. Many companies aren't sure if they need staffing, technology, testing or services. Azorian Cyber Security puts qualified people in the right places for you. CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • staffing, consulting, cybersecurity, cyber security, azorian

    Infinite Cyber Security Customization

    In Cybersecurity there is no one size fits all solution. Complex Cybersecurity challenges require the right staff and the right solutions. Azorian Cyber Security specializes in solving your complex cybersecurity challenges. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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    Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Experts

    If you need Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing, Program Development, Temporary Staff or just want to get a grip on your risk or are recovering from a breach Azorian Cybersecurity's staff are CISSP, CEH, Incident Response, DoD/DoJ accredited with decades of experience. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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    Cyber Security Solutions Where You Need Them

    With Cybersecurity & Staffing resources in EVERY major market in the U.S. Its only a matter of coordination to meet your Cyber Security needs. From Penetration & Compliance Tests, Staff Augmentations, First Responders to dedicated placement of A+ talent. Azorian Cyber Security has your covered. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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People Are Talking About Azorian Cybersecurity

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    Health insurance companies prime targets for hackers. Recent data breach underscores the need for stronger security and highlights the potential harm that hackers can cause.

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    Should you be worried about NYSE computer glitch? National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem and Charles Tendell talk about computer glitches that hit the NYSE, United and

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    Kids' Tablets Allegedly the Target of Hackers. Toy company V-Tech says the personal information of over four million parents and 200,000 children was allegedly hacked.

  • cybersecurity, consulting, staffing, penetration testing

    5 non-traditional hiring tips for InfoSec: There's a dramatic shortage of qualified information security professionals in the industry today. Globally, we're a million people short, according to Cisco.

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    We usually think hacking and hackers are bad. Sometimes, that’s true. But hacking can also be done for the greater good, and that’s where "ethical hacking" comes in.

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    Statistics point to increased physical danger risks of cyberterrorism. Are current laws enough to prevent the growing threat of cyber terrorists?

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What Kind Of Cyber Security Do You Need?


cyber security, cybersecurity, staffing, consulting, penetration, testing, compliance
Staff Supported
  • Incident Response
  • Security Review
  • Security Development
  • Technology Agnostic
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Red Team

consulting, staffing, cybersecurity, penetration, testing
Per Engagement
  • 1-12 Team Members
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Compliance Testing
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Customized cybersecurity consulting and staffing solutions are available upon request. To request a sample profile or report please Contact us

cybersecurity, staffing, consulting, penetration testing, azorian cybersecurity

Staffing & Services

Free Vulnerability Assessments.

Every day companies are probed by malicious hackers trying to disrupt business or steal data. Don't become a headline or incur additional costs simply because you didn't know your vulnerabilities. Get a FREE assessment from Azorian Cybersecurity.

Incident Response & Ethical Hacking

Rapidly respond to attacks, threats and data breaches with Azorian Cybersecurity's Red Team of Ethical Hackers.

Cyber Security Program Development

Build a custom program or refine your existing Cyber Security program with Azorian Cybersecurity.

Popular Industries

IoT Internet of Things

Physical Security devices, embedded hardware and other IoT appliances can leave you vulnerable to unique threats. Test early and often with Azorian Cybersecurity


HIPAA / HITECH compliance is just one aspect of securing your PII. Keep in in front of the curve with Azorian Cyber Security

Oil & Gas

Stay on top of SCADA control platform vulnerabilities. Assess your systems electronic protections and keep them running with Azorian Cyber Security


Online or in brick and motar store. Make sure your protecting your payment processing and your customers data. Call Azorian Cybersecurity today!